My career as a writer began after I retired from residential and healthcare design, working on projects ranging from luxury residences in New York City to clinics and hospitals that included the Jersey City Medical Center.  Now instead of working in the construction industry, I work with fictional architects, clients, artists, and healthcare professionals.  A graduate from the University of Virginia and Columbia University’s School of Architecture, I am working on a collection of short stories and a novel series.  My work has been published in Aphelion Webzine, Bewildering Stories, and HelloHorror.com.  I live in Summit, NJ,  with my wife and two daughters.


Short Stories:

“Your Sleep Is My Sleep” (Aphelion Webzine / August 2013 Issue)

“The Red String” (BewilderingStories.com / Issue 563)

“A Spoonful of Worries” (BewilderingStories.com / Issue 560)

“Vincent’s Sun” (Latchkey Tales / Clockwork:  The Morning After / Vol.2, Issue 1:  February 2015)

“People Glue” (Aphelion Webzine / May 2015 Issue)

“The Monk’s Ears” (HelloHorror.com / Summer 2015 Issue)


Contact me at: dmedenica@yahoo.com